About Us - Management

Army Goodwill school Naugam has been established under the aegis of 17 inf. Brigade of Dagger Division for the children of the villages in the area of responsibility. The school aims at providing quality education at minimal cost upto class X in order to prepare them for subsequent admission to central , convent, public or any other good schools .The School strives for the betterment and upliftment of the educational standards of the poor and needy children.

 School management committee (SMC)

a,    patron                         GOC ,19 Infantry Division 

b,    Chairman                     Commander , 17 Infantry Brigade 

c,     Vice chairman               Dy. Commander, 17 Infantry Brigade

d,    Secretary                      Commanding Officer , 35 Rashtriya Rifles Battalion(ASSAM)

e.     Asst. Secretary             Edn Officer , HQ 17 Infintary Brigade 

f.      Members                      principal and selected Teachers ( 2 -3)

g.     Honorary members        Selected parents (3- 4) who will be rotated 

Functions of SMC

 The functions of SMC are as under 

a, To exercise control over financial management of the school.

b. To prepare Budget and estimates for the next financial Year and sending suggestions in respect of new items of expenditure with justification . This will include expenditure on recurring items such as construction of buildings , special repairs, furniture, equipment etc .

c. To plan for additional classes and sections if any, during the next academic year.

d. To assist in securing local assistance and co-operation for better working and growth of the school.

e. To discharge all other functions as related to the of the institution including appointments of staff.

f. To organise programmes/functions for the improvement of the institution.

g. To ensure that the no financial irregularity is committed or any irregular procedure with regard to administration/exam is adopted.

h. The patron's decision will be final on all matters connected with all aspects , education and adminstration of the school.